Annual renewable options start at US$10,000 for concepts, with a maximum US$50,000 for a completed script.

The Instalment method of payment may apply to options as well.

US Rights Purchase
US Rights (i.e. solely US, for limited media, and excluding World Rights) start at US$50,000 for concepts and there is no maximum.

World Rights or rights to other media are retained by me unless agreed otherwise.

World Rights Purchase
World Rights for all media start at US$200,000 for concepts and there is no maximum.
I like to operate using something like a win-win philosophy. In my view, it's just as important for me to invest in the future of a potential buyer of my work, as it is for the potential buyer to invest in me.

With that in mind, I am willing to consider an agreement to purchase my work, in which payment is made by instalments - typically in thirds.

That means 33% of the agreed price up front, 33% after 90 days, and a final 34% after a further 90 days.

That gives the potential buyer a good deal in my view, allowing them the opportunity to spread their capital a little more widely.

My risk is that the potential buyer may renege or go belly up within 90 - 180 days, leaving me to become a creditor with little or no hope of recovering the outstanding payments (although the rights to my work will of course revert in full to me - it's written into all of my agreements).

For the right buyer, it's a risk I am willing to take. After all, the buyer could spend 12 - 36 months (or more) and a heap more capital trying to turn the prospect into a hot property and get nowhere. If I can contribute to an improved chance of success simply by not demanding all money up front, then I see that as a very worthwhile investment.

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Peter Brooks

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