The Visitor
The Background
The Visitor - At the end of  work one Summer's day on my way home I dropped round to my parents' house to see how they were doing.

My brother (who was still living at home) and my father were out at work and my mother was out as well possibly shopping for the meal that evening but I knew one of them would be home shortly so I let myself in with my back door key and sat down in the living room to wait for someone to return.

I didn't have long to wait.  I heard what sounded like my brother coming in through the back door, but he seemed unusually heavy footed, as if he was deliberately stamping his feet as he walked.

I thought he was messing about and that maybe he didn't realise I was in the house.  I prepared to surprise him as he walked into the living room.
On the contrary, I was the one who was surprised.  Instead of my brother, a total stranger tramped into the room, looked around briefly and sat down in an armchair...

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Peter Brooks

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