Under Cover Job
The Background
Under Cover Job - In the early 1970s my late father was working in a unit that made a variety of information and training films for police cadets - how police dogs are trained, how autopsies are performed, how crowd control is exercised during an incident and so on.

The CND Aldermaston March (more popularly known as Ban The Bomb), which had been suspended for several years after things got out of hand in 1963, was due to recommence and my father had been instructed to make a videotape record of aspects of the march.

He needed someone to help him in the endeavor, both to carry the heavy 12 volt car battery necessary to provide extended power for his luggable videorecorder and to afford him some semblance of being innocuous (there was some risk that he might be assaulted if it was thought that he was not part of the regular media).

We were - to all intents and purposes - going under cover.

It proved to be a bit of an eye-opener for me...

It's also my third entry in the Sixth TooWrite Short Story Competition and may, like the other two stories, have to be withdrawn from this site for around six months.

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Peter Brooks

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